Best strategies for preventing adolescent pregnancy

4: For worry-free birth control, think about getting an implant.

There are other additional hormonal birth control options. One possibility is an implant, which a doctor will put in your upper arm. You will be shielded from becoming pregnant for up to four years by this little rod.

The implant has a 99% success rate in preventing pregnancy; however, it offers no STI protection.

It’s fantastic that you can’t abuse the implant. You cannot overlook taking it or apply it improperly!

The price of the implant might range from $0 to $850. Ask your provider about pricing.

5: For simple birth control, try the patch.

Inquire with your doctor about the transdermal patch as well. The tiny patch is worn on the upper arm, stomach, back, or buttocks, and a fresh one is applied every week. You remove it for a week every three weeks and then replace it with a fresh patch. [8]

Although the patch is 91% effective, STI protection is not provided.

The monthly cost of your medication might range from $0 to $80.

6: If you want to stop worrying about birth control every day, get the injection.

The injection can be an excellent choice if you don’t want to worry about remembering to take a tablet or replace your patch. Your doctor will administer a shot every three months to stop ovulation and keep you from becoming pregnant.

Although the shot is 94% effective, it does not offer STI protection.

Each time you visit your doctor for the injection, it will cost you anything from $0 to $100.

7: The best strategy is abstinence, so think about it.

Avoiding sexual activity is the best way to avoid getting pregnant. Abstinence entails refraining from sexual activity. Some people believe that abstinence also entails refraining from oral sex; however, you should know that having oral sex does not cause pregnancy. You will be protected from STIs by abstaining from all forms of sex.

8: Talk to your partner.

Be sure you and your partner are engaging in healthy conversation if you are having sex or considering it. Discuss your plans for birth control and what you would do if a pregnancy did arise with one another. Make sure you communicate with one another honestly and openly. Never be reluctant to express any worries you may have.

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