Best strategies for preventing adolescent pregnancy

Teenage life may be challenging. A lot of changes are happening to you as you discover who you want to be. The adolescent years might become much more challenging with a baby. You probably want to put off starting a family until you are an independent adult. You may prevent becoming a teen parent by engaging in healthy sexual behavior, gaining knowledge, and having a strong support network. You owe it to yourself above all else to educate yourself on safe sex. You may take action as an adult to prevent the teen in your life from getting pregnant.

1: For dependable, affordable birth control, use condoms.

Condoms are among the simplest forms of birth control to use when having heterosexual relations. Roll the condom onto the erect penis after removing it from its packaging. To make the condom easier to apply, turn it so that the rim is on the outside. The lifespan of a condom is quite lengthy, yet it does end. Before utilizing one, be sure of the date.

Condoms are available for purchase at any pharmacy, and many schools and health facilities also offer them without charge.

The condom should be easy for both you and your partner to put on.

Use a female condom. These condoms are intended to prevent pregnancy and go inside the vagina. Observe the instructions on the packaging.

Condoms, both male and female, also shield you from STIs.

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