What should pregnant women do initially in terms of nutrition?

In a moment, just one moment, the time stands to tell you you’re pregnant! It lands on you with an overwhelming joy that overwhelms you and your family! At the same moment the layouts and fixtures begin, and if you break the baby’s room in your imagination while you stand… Then time stands with you again the moment you choose the name… of course!

But many ladies are delayed in their knowledge of pregnancy for many weeks—and even after the first month! So your feeding pattern might be the same as it used to be. A healthy and balanced diet that ensures you and the fetus are healthy, during the months of pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well.

I’m starting to feel nauseous. How can I ease this annoying feeling?

Nausea and vomiting usually begin at this stage, i.e., the first trimester of pregnancy. Don’t worry, because this feeling can often disappear completely late in the third month. Here are some suggestions that might help you:

Eat high-starchy food before getting out of bed for about 15-20 minutes, for example: cakes, salty biscuits, a piece of toast, or whole breakfast flakes.

Spread your three meals and six snacks on your stomach during the day.

Eat easy-to-digest foods. On breakfast and dinner, mix pasta, potatoes, rice, or bread with a low-fat protein source such as low-fat meat, chicken, or fish, as well as milk and its low-fat derivatives.

Take fluids between meals, not with them.

Stay away from fattening foods, fried items, creamy desserts, and spices. These may be difficult to digest and may increase your feelings of glucose.

Do I start taking vitamin and mineral pills?

After consulting your doctor, you may be advised to take folic acid pills during your first month or even before pregnancy, if you are planning to become pregnant. Folic acid supplements are very important for the natural development of the fetus.

Also, make sure you eat foods rich in folic acid.

Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, parsley, arugula…

Whole wheat bread and whole grains

Legumes of all kinds, such as lentils, beans, chickpeas,…

Best advice:

Avoid eating any kind of raw or half-cooked meat, as it contains bacteria that may be harmful to the fetus’s health. Foods forbidden during pregnancy include liver, spleen, and raw marrow; half-cooked steak; and sushi or sashimi containing raw fish.

Are you still nauseous? We hope that it will stop at the earliest opportunity. If you try to think of it as a boy or a girl, it may help you resist this feeling. Or try to go to the park to meditate on the children playing with each other, or to the mall, where you can walk and discover the latest models for everything related to the needs and supplies of mother and child today. Isn’t that great?

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