Ten signs of a male pregnancy

Can a baby’s sex really be predicted by signs of pregnancy? Are signs of pregnancy different from those of a girl?

One of the most serious questions that may arise for most mothers in prenatal pregnancy is: Am I pregnant with a child? What are the signs of Bold’s pregnancy?

But it must be reminded that no matter how much you ask or consider this, it is not possible to find a definitive answer to this question, as there are no signs of pregnancy that are clearly and explicitly born or even scientific.

In this article we will give you signs of Bold pregnancy knowing that they are not based on scientific basis:

Signs of pregnancy Bold

We will now remind you of the most widespread myths on the subject of signs of birth.

But you should realize that all these things are not reflected in scientific facts as mentioned, and even if you can apply some of these points to your situation may not be real:

1. Morning sickness

Many women believe that pregnancy by birth means a lack of morning sickness unlike a girl, pregnancy by a girl means a high level of hormones which encourages nausea.

In fact, morning sickness varies from pregnancy to pregnancy, with women who suffer from morning sickness found to be significantly more likely during pregnancy, but this result has not yet been confirmed and strengthened.

So it remains a mere myth and has no scientific evidence to prove that it is one of the signs of birth.

2. Skin Problems

The myth in this context is that pregnancy with a girl will reduce your beauty, it steals this beauty for her, while pregnancy with a boy will not cause acne and pimples to appear on your skin.

It is also said that pregnant women may suffer more from the appearance of dark circles under their eyes than pregnant women with daughters.

Of course this is not scientifically proven. Hormones with pregnancy change in a continuous way, which in turn affects the pregnant woman’s hair and skin.

3. Cravings

If you are pregnant with a child, you will want to eat salty and tart foods, while being pregnant with a girl means that you will be tempted to eat desserts and chocolates in abundance.

In fact, science has not established any of these things and has not found any correlation between the cravings for a particular type of food during pregnancy and the sex of the baby, but this may be due only to the changing nutritional needs of the pregnant woman.

4. Number of heartbeats

This myth may be the most common among pregnant women, believing that if a child’s heartbeat is about 140 beats per minute, it means that they are male, and if higher, the baby is female.

Of course, this information is nothing more superstition, finding that there is no difference in the heartbeat of the fetus, male or female, in the early stages of pregnancy, that is, it is not considered a sign of pregnancy of a child scientifically.

5. Abdominal Height

You may find that many people around you are trying to teach the sex of your fetus by elevating your abdomen, as they believe that rising your abdomen means that you are pregnant with a girl while rising down indicates that you are pregnant with a boy.

Other times, some believe that the circular abdomen shape and mulch means that the foetus inside you is male, and the flat abdomen is more evidence of your pregnancy with a female.

So far, science has not been able to confirm this information to remain merely generational myths, and only as a means of entertaining and caressing a pregnant woman.

6. Urine Color

This information may be strange, but it is widespread among a group of women. They believe that the color of deep urine is evidence of a child’s pregnancy. Light urine refers to a girl’s pregnancy.

This is not really proven either, but it will be an effective way to keep excitement and longing between you and your partner.

7. Your Sleep Position

Women in pregnancy are known to have a very difficult time finding the right position to sleep, but this myth says that if you sleep on your right side you are pregnant with a female, or if you prefer your left side, you are a male.

You don’t need to monitor yourself and your sleep situation, just my grandfather the most suitable position for you during this tiring phase. This information about signs of pregnancy is nothing but myth too.

8. Increase the length of head and body hair

Legend says Bauld pregnancy increases hair length and luster, and a girl’s pregnancy will cause hair weakness and lullaby.

In fact, a pregnant woman’s hair if her nutrition is intact, her hair will increase in length and gloss as a result of hormonal changes.

9. Breast size difference

Legend has it that a woman who carries Bauld grows her right breast more than the left, but in fact the breast size change is normal and depends on the nature of the mother’s body and not on the sex of the newborn.

10. Black line under the navel

The myth revolves around the black line below the woman’s navel, the bearer of the Bold is the line under her navel darker and blacker, which of course is not true, and what is interesting is that this line is not really known why.

But its length increases at a rate of one centimetre each week.

Scientifically determine the sex of the newborn

Of course, earlier things will not help you identify signs of pregnancy by a child, but they will increase your longing to know the sex of your baby in time.

The sex of the baby is usually determined on the first day the sperm meets the egg, based on the sperm that has been able to pollinate the egg, but your child’s reproductive tract develops around 11 weeks into pregnancy.

So you won’t be able to know his gender before about the 14th week of pregnancy and after undergoing a scan on the ultrasound device.

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