Discover the relationship between cats and infertility.

Most believe that raising cats at home may cause infertility in women. What is the truth behind the relationship between cats and infertility? The answer you find in the article

Women often wonder about the possibility of raising cats in homes where there is a belief that these cats may cause infertility in women. What is the reality of the relationship between cats and infertility? Details are in the following:

relationship between cats and infertility

There is still no conclusive scientific evidence confirming the relationship between cats and infertility, but it has been found that the presence of a parasite organism called Toxoplasma gondii causes infection with what is known as toxoplasmosis.

Toxoplasmosis can affect the fetus’s health during pregnancy and can lead to multiple health problems for it. This organism is transmitted to humans in three ways:

Eat meat that has not been cooked well.

Eat foods contaminated by this parasite due to their direct contact with contaminated meat.

direct contact with animals and cats, especially those infected with the parasite.

This information means that the relationship between cats and infertility is not constant, as the incidence of aromatosis can be another cause, as mentioned above.

Symptoms of toxoplasty

People with this disease usually do not show any symptoms, so it is difficult to diagnose them with the disease, as this parasite can live inside the human body in the stage of stillness or latent infection. If the infected person has symptoms, they are:

High temperature.

Muscle pain.


swelling of the lymphoma.

These symptoms are more severe than those of a pregnant woman.

It is worth mentioning that a simple blood test can reveal the presence of this parasite in the body. If a woman thinks she is injured, she must undergo this examination, especially if she wants to be pregnant.

Does the previous incidence of aromatherapy affect future pregnancies?

On the whole, if a woman is infected with aromatosis 6–9 months before pregnancy, she develops immunity against the disease and does not pass it on to her fetus in a future pregnancy, but of course there are exceptions to every anomalous rule.

What can happen in the event of an illness during pregnancy?

Women with the disease are able to transmit the parasite to the fetus through the placenta. The symptoms of the disease are most severe for the fetus if they develop during the early stages of pregnancy. The parasite may infect them with each of the following:


Different disabilities.

hearing loss at advanced stages of their lives.

suffering from learning problems.

Is it possible to treat toxoplasty during pregnancy?

This is possible through antibiotics; the earlier the disease is diagnosed, the greater the chances of treating it and preventing parasite access to the fetus.

If the parasite actually reaches the foetus, treatment may contribute to alleviating the severity of the disease, and the mother is usually required to continue giving her child some medication that helps him treat the disease in the first year of his life.

What are the methods for preventing aromatization?

The following guidelines can be followed for the prevention of toxoplasmosis:

Ensure that the food is cooked at an appropriate temperature, taking into account that the pink color does not appear inside the steaks and that the juices resulting from them are discarded.

Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them.

Consider washing the chopping board thoroughly before and after using it, along with hand washing always and continuously, especially after contact with raw foods.

Wear appropriate gloves when working in the garden and soil; they may contain cat poop contaminated with parasites.

Try to avoid direct contact with cats during pregnancy and well in advance of pregnancy planning so that they do not develop and transmit the parasite to the fetus.

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